The Unpath to Getting Your Scary Sh*t Done

How many unfinished books, articles, and poems are sitting on your hard drive, in a notebook, or stuffed in a drawer somewhere?

How many businesses, exercise plans, paintings, courses, or sculptures have you started but not quite finished because you’re too busy, too overwhelmed, or too ______ to complete them?

And, how many times have you beaten yourself up for not following through on what you promised yourself you would?

I know the feeling. I know the self-talk. And I know what happens when you have something important to say or important to do but you talk yourself out of it – time and time again… for whatever reason. (Your immune system has something to say about this too.)

But I also know what happens when you get your scary sh*t done. And because I know how game changing – life changing – it can be, I’m going to share some of the strategies I’ve used (over the past 24 years) to get my scary sh*t done.

… even when I didn’t feel good enough (which used to be most of the time)

… even when I got caught in comparison hell and was convinced everyone else had already done it better than I ever could

… and even after I had failed (like on Oprah, aka in front of millions of people)

Let’s sit down together, heart to heart, and let me tell you the tangible, delicious, and sustainable practices for getting your scary sh*t done. Enter your name and email below and let’s get to this!

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Get My Scary Sh*t Done


melody-moore_circle“Jen, this video, like everything I’ve been fortunate enough to soak in from your beautiful brain and heart, is awesome. Thank you for being so authentic, so clear, and so compassionately confrontational in your teaching. I love the way you break down the fears that each of us hold in order to open up the path to DOing what scares us, while keeping our BEing in integrity. Thank you, truly, thank you, for these simple, not easy, but accessible tools.”

– Melody Moore, Ph.D. RYT

hiro-boga_circle“In The Unpath to Getting Your Scary S**t Done, Jen Louden invites you into a clear, gentle, powerful process of enquiry that leads to purposeful action. You’ll meet the demons that beset you when you move towards your heart’s desire — fear, procrastination, overwhelm, mind-chatter, perfectionism — and transform them by welcoming them home into your creative heart. You’ll learn the practical steps that Jen herself has used to write six bestselling books.

A teacher’s teacher, and a lifelong advocate for inspired, creative action, Jen has crafted an un-process that’s grounded in her own deep practice of insight and awareness applied to the everyday work of living a creative life. If you want a step-by-step un-process for getting your truest work done while growing your capacity to keep moving through whatever obstacles arise, watch this video. You’ll be glad you did. Your work will thank you too.”

– Hiro Boga, Writer, Teacher of Transformation, Energy Alchemist

jennifer-lee_circle“Thank you, Jen, for your latest video teaching on Getting Scary Sh*t done. As always, I’m inspired and moved by your enthusiasm, authenticity, and wisdom. My biggest take-away was the invitation to welcome my experience as it is (and to do so with compassion) so that I don’t step over the things that may be keeping me stuck. You even modeled that so beautifully in this very teaching by sharing your own inner dialogue with us throughout and showing us how you stay awake to your own experience. I’m so grateful that you generously share your gifts with the world.”

– Jennifer Lee, Bestselling Author and Business Coach, Artizen Coaching

Yes, I want to sit down with Jen and
Get My Scary Sh*t Done





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